Data Entry, Data Capture and Data Processing: Our dedicated Content Analysis cell has the capability to undertake a variety of data entry, automated data capture, indexing, analysis and conversion services. The cell with its own dedicated infrastructure and resources has extensive experience in converting massive amount of data from a variety of sources (from paper based to digital content) into desired electronic formats such as XML, HTML, PDF thereby enabling delivery through a variety of channels.

Forms Proccessing according to a defined workflow, e-books, e-nwespapers are some the work currently being done by the cell.

CAD Services: CAD drawing (2D/3D) creation and conversion using AutoCAD 2000, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, Pro/Engineer 2000i or IDEAS packages are also undertaken on volume basis. Again, a separate cell with high-end equipments such as wide-format scanner, ink-jet plotter and qualified operators has been assigned for this purpose.

CAE Services: Computer aided design and analysis of mechanical and plastic components as well as civil engineering structures are undertaken on project basis. Towards this end, Finite Element Method (FEM) packages and high-end CAE tools such as Pro/Engineer, IDEAS, STARDYNE, ANSYS and STADD-III are used.

Technical Document Services: Because of the past and ongoing project requirements, the company has established in-house a well-qualified pool of technical document writers. This cell has successfully completed technical documentation translations from English to other languages in the recent past.