Worldwide, the regulartory environment is rapidly evolving and is becoming more strigent with respect to corporate governance. Under these dynamic circumstances, achieving and sustaining compliance in a cost effective manner has emerged as major challenge for corporates. One of the key elements for meeting complex compliance requirements is automated IT processes.

As an independnet compliance service provider, we have capability to work with multiple team and multiple vendors thereby guranteeing our clients best of breed practices and processes. We have certified practitioners with domain knowledge as well as field experience on Industrial Best Practices. As such, we can quickly adapt and be productive in any given environment.

Financial Controls: Recent Corporate Governance Requirements (such as SOX, J-SOX, etc.) require enterprises to provide complete and accurate representation of the organizations' financial state to all stakeholders.

In this domain, our team, made up of combination of Onsite / Offshore resources, has worked with big 4 and other auditing firms. Based on our experiences, we can provide a cost effective road map to clients on how to invest in SOX compliance in an �n� step process.

Our Risk based compliance methodology addreses:

  • Sustainability
  • Optimization of controls
  • Standardize controls
  • Automating controls
  • Optimize transactional systems environment

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